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 Our 社工人员每月提供各种工作坊 就重要的护理问题对家庭护理人员和公众进行教育。

我们也可以向组织和企业的成员或员工介绍这些研讨会。 主题包括:

  • 看护 101
  • 揭开痴呆症的神秘面纱
  • 如何与患有痴呆症的亲人交谈
  • 在亲人不那么可爱时照顾他们
  • 应对愤怒
  • 照顾照顾者
  • 与医疗保健提供者沟通
  • 还有更多...

Thursday, June 8th, 12pm-1pm: Financial Wellness: Working With A Daily Money Manager

Managing a loved one’s finances can be a crucial part of caregiving – but it can also feel overwhelming. Peter Gordon and Jacob Gordon of New York Financial Organizers will join us to share professional guidance on the financial side of caregiving.

Topics will include tracking income and expenses, creating a budget, protecting against fraud and scams, and working with a team of professionals to support less-stress money management for caregivers and care receivers.


Tuesday, June 13th, 12pm-1pm: Advocating for Medicaid Homecare

Your loved one has homecare through Medicaid! – now what? Accessing Medicaid for long-term in-home care isn’t the end of the story. What can you do if your loved one needs more hours, a different aide, or additional support? Suzanne Roberts, LMSW will present on how to be an effective advocate. You’ll learn who to talk to – and what to say – to help your loved one get what they need.

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Tuesday, June 20th, 12pm-1pm: Navigating Hospitalizations

In this webinar, you will gain valuable insight into one of the most common – and difficult—situations people find themselves navigating: hospitalizations! Learn about your rights as a caregiver and patient, benefits and entitlements you may not have known of, paying for a stay, discharge and appeals, and dealing with difficult scenarios. Michael Rublin, LMSW and Brontie Scott, MSW present on how to smoothly navigate the hospitalization, from admission to discharge and beyond.


Thursday, June 29th, 12pm-1pm: Understanding Hospice and Palliative Care

Mandi Zucker, LSW, CT, Executive Director at End of Life Choices New York, will present a workshop for caregivers about hospice and palliative care. In this one-hour presentation, you will learn what hospice and palliative care, how they are different, and who should consider these services. We will also discuss how to initiate conversations with family members and friends about the options these services provide.